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Pacific Panthers in Vegas

         Looking at me you might not realize I'm a part-time gun wielding bank robber, a body guard for a lesbian pimp, or the Grim Reaper.  Sure I may look like an average pedestrian who can't ride a bike, but in reality I've been trying my hand at a lot of different professions since 2006 when I decided to become a professional free lance entertainer. Of course nothing gets my blood going like a good adventure or taking down the bad guy, unless I'm playing the bad guy- which I do quite well.

         Before I ever went on my first ghost hunt with my crew, I lived in beautiful Bellingham, WA and was a cheerleader- see photo for proof.  I absolutely loved Washington, the weather, the trees, the people- all of it amazing, except the mexican food- that wasn't so good. But I knew my purpose was in Los Angeles, so in 2011 we arrived in sunny Burbank, CA to start my career!

         I am truly grateful for every person I met and every opportunity I've been given.  And through all of this I've had my partner in crime- my hubby Josh, who has supported me every step of the way.  He puts up with my crazy schedule and last minute plan changes.  Also, he patiently (sometimes not so patiently) helps me memorize all my lines- no matter how long it takes.

        So in a world where no one is safe, where the lines of good and evil blur, there I will be, ready to take action by either destroying or saving the world- depending on what role I take.

I haven't updated my bio in a while- it’s still applicable- BUT I've added a bunch of cool new things to my roster!!


Number 1: WRITING!! I’ve been writing for a while now, but I’ve more recently decide to pursue this as an actual career! (Don’t worry acting will always be a love of mine) But as a writer I am excited to create roles for underrepresented cultures- like mine- and show that Native American’s are still a powerful and relevant part of society! Plus, I love creating roles for all my amazingly talented actor friends!  Not to mention- roles for myself as well! Perks of being the creator!

I have a lot of opportunities coming up in this field that I’m really excited about!  So, stay tuned! For the most recent update- check me out on the gram.


Number 2: Ki-Ta Wolf Production Company!! It’s still in it’s baby phase, but it’s growing!! Right now I’m producing Theatre Plays! But soon I will be moving into shorts, film, & TV!  I’m really excited to see where we grow! And I’m really excited to start producing the things I write!


Number 3: I’m directing now!!

I started at the beginning of the year with Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, then moved on to a Variety Show which was tons of fun!! Now I’m directing The Flick by Annie Baker! All theatre plays- but I’m hoping for the opportunity to move into film next! Possibly something I’ve written! Stay tuned because I’m loving this role!


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