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What People are Saying!

"Great job! I thought Cara did a really good job working with the emotion of the scene, both the comedy and the tragedy. I thought she really nailed the character and her nuances. I will be calling her in for callbacks!"

               - Garrett S. (Casting Director)



"Cara thinks quickly on her feet by coming up with very strong choices, because she clearly listens to what the other actor says. Her reactions ring so true to how one would react. Great comedic timing. Showed that she has range and knows when to deliver change in the scene. This keeps the scene interesting and her interesting to watch. I think it's also a good demonstration of her skills as an actor to not always agree with what the other actor "feeds" her in order to build conflict. Without conflict the scene dies. Appreciate actors like her that make great choices and enable the other actor to look good, because it challenges them to step up to the plate or be left unnoticed. "

                  - Sauda J.



"LOVED! LOVED! LOVED!  everything you did. You made strong choices. And you weren’t afraid to go there. I think you have star quality."

                  - Destini M.



"Cara has a terrific bad girl look thats very marketable. She showed me alot of different emotional beats and reads really well."

            -D.M. (Casting Director)



"Cara is a very talented actress and appears very dedicated to her craft. She took direction well, followed all of our notes and had a firm grasp of the character. We look forward to seeing more of her in the future."

                 -Douglas  K.



"You're crazy!"

                    -Mike Valentino - Audition 



"Great audition!  You understood the tone of the piece, the relationship between these characters and the objective of your role.  You listened well and played the part honestly instead of over the top."

                   -Rashad  H.



"Comedy is your forte!"

                     -Wayne Morse Casting Director 



"Interesting performance choices. Good instincts. Engaged the reader and made the lines of dialogue come off the page. Appropriately went for the comedic aspect of the role and was likeable."

                   -Audition feedback


Rack Plus Size Magazine 5/2012



Well, can you present yourself in few words?
- A small town girl trying to make it in this crazy world!
As a plus size model, can you tell readers how being a full figured woman has impacted your life?
- I feel that being full figured in a world where the media tells us that thin is expected of us, is very important.  I'm healthy, I eat healthy, and I'm active we should be focusing on health not size.  Being full figured has made me more aware of the discrimination against healthy figures.

What inspires you to you what you do as a model?
- Just living my dream.  I'm very afraid of looking back and realizing I never did anything because I was too afraid. 
How did you get into the modeling business?
- My mom was a model, but life got in the way so she never made it big.  She was the one who inspired me to try it.  Once I did a photoshoot I realized how much I loved it and I've been doing it for twelve years now.

What is the one piece of clothing in your closet that you cannot live without?
- Leggings!  They are so comfortable and can easily be dressed up or down.  I have to have fifteen pairs of the same legging.  I'm addicted, it's insane.
What are your some projects you have lined up next?
- On the 25th I'm doing a steam punk/ victorian themed photoshoot I'm very excited about!  I get to wear a beautiful big blue dress with tons of ruffles!  I just signed with IPM Model Management in New York, and already I've done a go see for Hips & Curves, here in LA!
I'm also an actress, so I have a few auditions lined up, and I'm shooting a short film later this month. 

Do you have a website that people can look you up?
- I was born in Phoenix, AZ and grew up in a small town in Northern Arizona called Prescott Valley.  In middle school I realized I wanted to be a model and began making my aunt take pictures of me, she believed in me and easily agreed.  In 8th grade I did a runway show for the school and loved it! Because of that show, I'm constantly strutting around believing life is a runway. In high school I met my future husband and he's spoiled me ever since.  In 2004 I booked my first commercial and realized I also love to act, so I began taking as many classes as I could afford. Over the years, promoting a healthy lifestyle has become very important to me.  No one should feel unbeautiful. It took me seven years to make it to Los Angeles, but I'm so happy I'm here.  In my spare time I love to read I think I'm more addicted to reading than I am leggings.


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